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The Cookie Jar Winter Cart Sale and Holiday Hunt


Our Festive treats for you this year, not only amazing deals in our cart sale but there’s a free gift on each cart & the hunt is free too!

Both events run from November 28th until January 6th
===W=I=N=T=E=R= =C=A=R=T= =S=A=L=E===

► The Cart Sale runs from November 28th – January 6th!

► Every merchant has a special gift for the Cookie Jar members they tucked in the free gift stocking you can find by each cart.

► One or more items at each cart will be 50% off their original price!

► Join the group for the free gifts — >> (copy link in local chat) secondlife:///app/group/4114d7ea-fa91-6678-d91e-870b54c56f86/about


SLurl to the Cart Sale:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/39/100/25


► Blog Link –>> https://thecookiejarcommunity.wordpress.com/winter-cart-sale/


===T=H=E= =H=O=L=I=D=A=Y= =H=U=N=T==

► The Holiday Hunt runs from November 28th – January 6th!

► Cost: $0 linden

► Theme: Festive Furnishings for your Home and Garden!

► Help Group: — >> (copy link in local chat) http://world.secondlife.com/group/4114d7ea-fa91-6678-d91e-870b54c56f86


The Cookie Jar Holiday Hunt Start:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/150/205/24


► Blog Link with pics & hints –>> https://thecookiejarcommunity.wordpress.com/wintercartsaleandholidayhunt/


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