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Passport to Style Hunt

Passport to Style Hunt 0821-0910


Everyone enjoys a good hunt, but sometimes it’s not always the best for the designers who put time and effort into quality items for our loyal customers. We wanted to have a best of both worlds. Designers will offer up two items per each store at a super discount below 49L. Each item will earn a hunter one stamp. Once the hunter fills up their passport, they can redeem it at a kiosk and get a set of items either exclusives to this event, gift cards, or a high priced item from the store for the hunters. Each store will have one item in the Kiosks and after they have completed the passport the hunter will get all the items at the end. The items for sale at discount in the store will be normal items for sale at discount, under 49L as stated above. The items in the kiosk to be received once the passport is full will be exclusives to the hunt, items that are normally a high priced item as a gift for no charge, or a gift card equaling at 250L or more for the store.

Hunt Name Passport to Style
Hunt Date August 21st – September 10th
Applications Date June 30th
Organisers SL Name Amanda Hallison, Kalabrie Allstar, Wildfire Soulstar
Any Other Info More Information on the HUNT WEBSIDE: http://passporttostyle.weebly.com/
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location Not yet available



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