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Death Picks A Winner

Death Picks A Winner 0509-0530


What killed the mayor-elect before he could take his oath of office? What happened to the missing newsboy? Could there be a monster loose in old New Toulouse? One plucky investigator (that’s you) attempts to learn the truth … before it’s too late! To begin, go to the Aeon Theater and touch the movie screen to receive your HUD and first clue notecard. Wear the HUD, and follow the instructions on the notecard. When you spot the clue object, touch it to register your find on the HUD and receive your next clue. Continue until you have uncovered all twenty clues, and then claim your prizes.

Hunt Name Death Picks a Winner
Hunt Date May 9-30
Applications Date n/a
Organisers SL Name Nikita Weymann
Any Other Info Event info: http://www.newtoulouse.org/deathpicksawinner.html
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NewToulouseBayou/159/10/601

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