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A Child’s Mother’s Day

Mother's day Event


Theme: Technically this isn’t a Hunt although children in Second Life (Any & All) Children that is can come to our Event and Pick out gifts already packaged up for their MOMS. These gifts are made to look like Preschooler gifts for a more accurate role play..the cost of these items is 0-5L like any little market would be for them. Also there is Friendly Gacha machines filled with Mother’s Day Gifts for 25L Only. Also their will be My store and a couple other Stores Joining in our Market sale..these items will be full price items the most one item will cost is 125 in my store and up to 199 in other’s. In each gift wrapped for the kids is Mother’s Day Cards from either girl or boy. There is One Nana gift and A pack of Cards as well with 3 from kids, 1 to Nana, One from Husband..these cards open when clicked on.(All Children Gifts & Gifts in the Machine are Transfer Only Making it easy for them and Prim baby Father’s or Relatives to come purchase and transfer to the mom Easily. Also On May 8th my store and other’s will Have a Mother’s Day Gift Especially For All mothers. There is no group join for these gifts, its Just our Special way To Honor All Mom’s In Second Life. Our Sim is open and setting up for this event has already started, although things will not be for sale in the little market until April 22nd, but the stores that are participating are always open. you can find us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZoHaIslandsN/113/38/3752 You can view our blog that will keep you up to date also: http://secondlifereflectionsbypaige.blogspot.com/

Hunt Name A Child’s Mother’s Day
Hunt Date April 22nd-May 8th
Applications Date NONE
Organisers SL Name Paigeturner14
Any Other Info Any Other Info: We do realize that Zooby babies and other Prim babies Require Dad’s Aunts and other friends and family to bring them and purchase these gifts for them. that is why we made everything Transfer only..except those other gifts at full price they are in Caspervend and can be set to be given as a gift or Gift Cards can be purchased. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazy%20Town/34/128/23
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazy%20Town/34/128/23

One comment on “A Child’s Mother’s Day

  1. This event is still going on and is great…check out the blog you can see all the stuff they have…plus they have a free gift for just coming and checking it out. There is some really nice items there to see.

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