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The Alchemy Event


The Alchemy Logo Advertising



Every Month we have a different Theme for the creators to work with!

Hunt Name The Alchemy Event
Hunt Date 1st – 20th each month
Applications Date Anytime
Organisers SL Name Apolonia Anatine
Any Other Info Hi there, The Alchemy is a well established monthly event (previously the Fantasy Room) showcasing your marvellous creations (hence the name!) from the 1st to the 20th of each month. The application card you can get directly from Apolonia Anatine, complete and return to Apolonia Anatine and you will be sent the group invite and vendor box if you are accepted. We currently have over 75 vendors taking part and are looking to expand and are also looking to encourage creators of MALE items…there is not enough for the men out there! You can put out your own Gacha machines (limit of 5 prims per machine) next to or in your stall Now the boring bits, the rules will be as follows:- *This event is not limited to certain styles, we are happy to have all creators from all genres and styles *Spots will be:- 60L for a single stall with 15 prims a round (non-refundable) 150L for a double stall with 25 prims a round (non-refundable) 250L for a sponsor spot (double stall, 30 prims, at the tp in point and logo on the SL Goth magazine advert) *You can rent as many stalls as you like (apart from sponsor stalls, they are 1 per store) *Items must be new (re-colours of items you already sell/sold are allowed) *Prices can range between 50L and 200L *If you wish to make an exclusive item for the round then you can sell it for a reasonable price, but you must make it clear on the poster/advert that it is an event only exclusive and will not be sold again *You must show the group joiner in your store *You must join the Alchemy group to enable us to keep everyone informed/up to date *Whilst we understand some people do not like to send items out to bloggers, however we will have a small, select few who work hard to promote your items. As such we would prefer it if you could send at least on item out in the group for bloggers to promote *Set up must be completed for each event by the 30th/31st of each month
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thentis/100/161/2109

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