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The Ghost Town

The Ghost Town 1219-Open


The Ghost Town game launches on the 19th December and we’re looking for 20 stores to collaborate with us by providing a themed prize for the players. In return your brand and prizes will be promoted by both MadPea and Firestorm and you’ll be potentially promoting yourselves to your customers of the future before anyone else. The concept is a murder mystery aimed at new residents. The local fisherman, Big Jimmy is missing and the player is guided by his journal to discover the horrific truth of his recent activities. Equipped with a special camera, the player will witness the results of a mind gone mad. Once the player has successfully completed the game, they will be rewarded with prizes.

Hunt Name The Ghost Town
Hunt Date December 19, 2015 – open
Applications Date December 12, 2015
Organisers SL Name Tichelle Teebrook
Any Other Info Vendor Applications accepted until December 12, 2015. The application link is in the blog post. https://madpea.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/madpea-announces-free-to-play-game-in-conjunction-with-firestorm-viewer/
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
SLurl to starting location TBA

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