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Reporter – Renna Fairey

Name of Hunt – Mad Peas “Buried” Hunt

Hunt Date-  1-31-2015 to 3-31-2015

Hunt Start Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glimpse%20of%20Eternity/188/194/21

Hunt Blog – http://madpea.blogspot.fi/2015/02/buried-how-to-play.html

Cost – HUD costs 300L

Hunt Pictures – Please see blog


Tell us about the hunt in general… YOUR opinion –

Madpeas hunts are always well worth the cost (Hud for story line and hints was 300L this time) the group is always helpful and friendly, with the hunters helping each other out. Which they need to do, because actual info on the hunt itself is scant on what you need to do and many people don’t read the ‘local’ chat when the HUD talks to them and miss things.

The story line is you are looking for a missing woman for a large cash reward and get caught up in a game she was playing. The HUD pays interactions between you and the story, keeping it errie and fresh with great voice actors.

Prizes are WELL worth over the 300L cost of the hud, and you MUST finish the storyline to get them.

There were a few glitches such as the starting point is on a homestead, so only 20 people can be there at a time (not really a glitch, just need to keep trying), at clue 12 the map is backwards, and at clue 6 you really need to hit up the store hint giver as the clue isn’t near the landing point at all.

This is my fourth Madpea hunt and I always find them engaging and fun.

MUST have cam skills, item is small.
IS totally worth it.
CAN be confusing.

4.5 stars 😀

Thanks Renna Fairey for your honest opinion on this hunt!


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