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BBWorld pirate hunt

BBW Pirate advertising poster copy

BBW Heaven Beach club land mark http://slurl.com/secondlife/BBWorld/232/122/22

If you join the group you may use it to ask for help there is an inviter on arrival.

Start date the 20/11/12 (uk date) Organiser is Vixen Calamity also known as Kahri’s Cariad please im or notecard with any problems.

This is a sim wide hunt featuring an added prise of a raffle to enter at the end. The Main prize is 500 lindens and the other one is a free months rent at BBWorld. To enter the raffle you will need to collect all items on the hunt and put the non copy skulls in a prim and send it to Petty Perl estates boss. There are 27 skulls to collect.

items varyt from pirate theme, to christmas theme, avatar items and also items for the home there are some full perm textures included in the hunt also.

List of hunt clues as follows

1, female shape @ Look for me buried in water and sand where i move no more except in the wind. (Skull number 1)

2, silver skull tip jar @ I sleep with the fishes in the depths, you will have to take the plunge to find me. (skull 2)

3, palm screen @ as i look up i see gracefulness above me, such beautifull, elegant movements awe sighs. (skull 3)

4, hold sword animation copy only.@ find me near a couple dance hud within the purple haze (skull 4)

5, martini glass can dance on, just add a pose ball. @ am not a nest or an egg get off me!!

6, pearl necklace @ mmm under you will go dive deep for me i am peeking out from a soft place (skull 6)

7, 1 prim sheep @ these are beautiful suck a nice feel, silky, shiney and very sexy. ( skull 7)

8, hot pants jeans @ mmmm Oh I love me a red head, they are normally to hot to handle but am keeping my ears warm with this valuptuous babe!! ( skull 8)

9, bowl/plate for decor @ Oh wow wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on the plate am going to fall off catch me am upp high, wow they wiggle allot!! (skull number 9)

10 , picture changer @ OH dear what am I to do if I get any hotter I might pass out…With one on my left the other on my right one pole dancing and the other one mmmm so many moves so hot and steamy 62!! (skull 10)

11, vase@ Am sorry to say but I see a poor animal only it isnt alive anymore the poor thing, prefering leopard skin on the animal not the girl. ( skull 11)

12, tattoo for the boys @ all I can say is it’s red it’s big and oh my word, “OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHHHHYYYYY”!! (skull 12)

13, picture frame in rose wood @ mmmm I love to see girls, I think i’m in love with Josephine, what a star to look up at!! (skull 13)

14, skull and cross bones full perm texture, which can be used in your builds. @ Ouch save me am very hot in here!!! (skull 14)

15, BBW tattoo @ Now i am the biggest skull on the hunt but am not in plain sight, unless you look closely where the water begins. (skull 15)

16, male trunks @ I love being in the arms of another but this guy am not so sure he might bite, better not enter the door you might loose sight of me then… ( skull 16)

17, bikini @ I love this place so comfy as i look out towards the sea, I wish I could be on that Island with the palms blowing in the breeze. (skull 17)

18, Male shape @ I fancied a little sit down so tired done
(skull 18)
19, waterfall @ these make me sneezeeeeeee but they look very pretty (skull 19)

20, texture this is a full perm hang mans noose@ Oh i like the taste of this yummy, I wonder if you like it buttery or sweet in rl… ( skull 20)

21, snowy christmas globe @ I lost the steps on how to get down mmmm (skull 21)

22, gallows @ am hidden in plain sight I love the smell of coffee… ( skull 22)

23, female outfit with modifyable skirt prim @ hope I dont get washed away again, such a pretty deer I see taking a drink of water. ( skull 23)

24, pirate hat @ as i peek out from greenery i like the girl in jeans (skull 24)

25, black latex cat suit@ I love looking up the girls skirts from this angle as they work offering crapulence (skull 25)

26, marble pillar @ OH baby you can tie me up tight in this, but please hold my nose it smells a little. ( skull 26)

27, wicker furniture set for patio @ I died after the crash next to the blue box I lie within the flowers that surround me… (skull 27)

information, if you put all the non copy skulls in a prim on the hunt and send it to petty perl, make sure the prim is full permissions please, there is a raffle for a month free rent and 500 lindens! if you collected all 27 of them goodluck!! i hope you enjoy and have fun

vixen calamity



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