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Improvements based on YOUR comments!

We believe SL Hunts is Your Blog Too… without people visiting to use it, it would not exist….

Soooo you may remember a little while back we asked what you would like to see, what would make the blog better, do you have any comments…

We had a lot of responses, thank you all, here are some of the improvements & new features based on your feedback 🙂

  1. In world group!

Yeps thats right, now we have an SL Hunts group in world, join it to find out all the latest hunt news, whats running, chat about hunts, generally keep up to date… Hunt organisers can apply for a tag to be able to send notices too…. here’s the link http://world.secondlife.com/group/b6b362d7-5f12-be8a-58cf-5b0957733ed8

2. Hunts Calendar

Introducing our SL Hunts Calendar, a page that shows, ALL the hunts on one Calendar, to be honest when there are loads of hunts taking part at once it can get a bit busy, but you suggested it & we thought it was a good idea, so here it is – https://slhunts.wordpress.com/hunt-calendar/

3. Side Bar Advertising


Another fine suggestion was side bar advertising, but we aren’t here to make money from Hunts so we have done it on a support basis, link to us from your blog or have one of our signs rezzed at your location in world and in return we will display your logo on the side bar… simple… here’s the page to go to if you interested, https://slhunts.wordpress.com/show-your-support/ dont be put off by the instructions, its really quick & easy.

4. Cleaned up the “hunts by month” tab on the side bar to show only current & future months, simply click the month you are interested in & all the hunts taking part in that month are displayed.

5. Grid Status on the side bar

6. Tagged Textures

All good? yeps we thought so too, we are still working on a couple of the other suggestions so if you don’t see yours here yet then watch this space….

Got an idea? something you want us to consider adding?, drop it here & we will get right on it 🙂

Now that all that is over & so are the hundreds of Halloween hunts we can get back to normal… more hunt posts coming very soon 🙂


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