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Pine Valley Hunt


Pine Valley is sponsoring a unique hunt for a L$30,000 treasure. Read the Pine Valley blog (http://pine-valley-resort.ga-weblog.com/) and figure out the clues to locate a sim where a marker is hidden. Find the marker and answer the question and you will be one step closer to the prize. The final marker contains a riddle that will need to be answered to win the prize. Only one person will win!

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On Sunday September 9, the first chapter will be posted. This is the clue to the first of 6 SIMs that you will need to visit and find the marker left by our adventurer. Each marker gives you a free gift and a piece of the final clue that you will need to solve to win the treasure. The treasure is now at 30,000L. Give it a try. You may be the one to outwit and out play your competitors.

How does it work? Read the chapter of the story and look for the clues that will take you to the SIM that a marker has been left. Touch the marker and it will ask you a question. Answer it correctly and it will give you the clue you need to solve the final riddle. You need the first 5 markers to solve the sixth. When the final marker is collected it will give instructions on how to collect your treasure. A chapter will be posted each week so stay tuned!! Only one grand prize winner will win the 30,000L, so pay attention and out wit your opponents!!

everything you need is here -> http://pine-valley-resort.ga-weblog.com/


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