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Theme: Halloween
Hunt Name: Fish-A-Boo
Hunt Date: 10/1/12 ~ 10/31/12
Applications Date: 9/15/12
Organisers SL Name: Priscilla Follet
Any Other Info: .: Priscilla’s Attic:.  Presents it’s first hunt
Fish-A-Boo Hunt

The Fish-A-Boo Hunt will run from October 1, 2012 through October 31, 2012.  The hunt theme will be anything to do with Halloween.  So time to put on those creative caps and let’s create!

You must have a 7Seas fishing area, if you do not have a fishing area, and still wish to be part of the hunt,  or knowledge of using the CPGs, please get in touch with Priscilla Follet and we can work something out.

The gifts required are for female AND male. If you can’t do that an unisex gift is ok too.

We are seeking vendors who are willing to contribute quality builds that will be in relationship to the hunt theme, so create something in consideration of the following rules:

– Created item must be Halloween related
– DON’T ignore copyrights from RL and SL!
– Use your imagination!
– Original content creators only please. Resellers and “business in a box” vendors will not be accepted. The gift should be an original gift item that has never been submitted as a prior group gift or as a gift in a previous hunt.

Drop your application in the purple mailbox at:

I am going to cap this hunt at 50 vendors.  That will give everyone enough time to work through the hunt.

If/when you are accepted into the hunt, you’ll receive a group invitation and a hunt sign. Please accept the  .: PA Hunts:.  group invitation and place the hunt sign at the landing point of your store. You must remain in the Hunt group through the duration of the hunt.  It’s easier to track people down via the group then searching for them.  Thank you.

If you have to move, please let us know ASAP.  We can fix things when we know they are happening. Of course things happen last minute, just please remember we are here for our hunters.  If you are planning on moving your shop, please let us know or if you have to drop from the hunt.

Please be mindful of the time line.  This is my first time sponsoring a hunt with .: Priscilla’s Attic:., while things can and will go wrong, the sooner we know the better we all will come through this.

For more assistance please do not hesitate to contact Priscilla Follet via note card either by profile or through the mailbox.
Type of Hunt: Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Southern%20Marvel/175/102/704


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