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Voice 4 the Cure Hunt

When: March 25 – April 25, 2012

Application deadline: March 10th

Hunt organizers: Ting Solo & Imajica Vemo

Vendor Info:

This hunt is for the relay for life. Proudly co sponcered by the Southern Son Motor Cycle Club and  {{ Imajicas G- Spot}} Gestures. We have all had people in our lives touched with one of the wore things known to man kind cancer. Well we are here to help put our voices to a good cause. If you have a gesture or walking sound shop we want to hear from you. We want to have make the hunt for 2 linden per store. The money will go directly to the American Cancer Society. Why gestures and sounds cause it is something that entertains us. Music and club events are advanced with crowd participation.
Application Deadline is March 10th
Hunt Supervised Ting Solo & Imajica Vemo
Space Is Limited To 30 Vendors

Rating of your Sim (G | M | A):
Your Prize Idea:
Return This Completed Notecard To
Ting Solo 
If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Hunt Feel Free To Send Me A Message. (Notecard is best as messages sometimes get capped)

About Katarina Edelman

I've been an SL resident since December 2006. One of my favorite activities in SL is scavenger hunting. I love discovering new places through the hunts and seeing their creations.

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