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Twilight Saga Hunt 2

When:  March 16th – Feb 27, 2013

Application deadline: October 15

Hunt organizer: BellaRenee Sweetwater

Vendor Info:

Application and Rules –
Welcome back everyone to the sequel hunt from my first. We had an awesome turn out last year and hope to do even better this year.
This hunt is Twilight Saga themed, so keep that in mind. Let your imagination go to town. All 5 movies can be included, the more stuff, the better. I love twilight, come on, i created my name after twilight.
We strive for quality items, no freebies please. Give out the same caliber item you’d want to receive.  The goal is for hunters to love your stuff and want to come back again.
Being that this is a 2nd run at this idea I’d appreciate ALL Vendors to have a hint for your item. Whilst I understand not wanting to give away your prize and you would like them to browse thru your store nothing is more off-putting then a item with no hint or an undecipherable one. If you can’t come up with one IM the owner of hunt (BellaRenee) and we will get one for you.
This is an important part… we have both male and female hunters so try to have either a neutral one or one for each sex.
Applications must be submitted no later than October 15th,  2012, 12 am SLT. One month prior to the start of the hunt.
It will give me time to review that ALL gifts are Twilight Saga Related. A blog will be set up with pictures of all items of each gift. So all hunt gifts MUST have a picture of the item given to me or the blog organizer.
The Item when you receive it will need to be renamed to : TSH2 # ??? – where the question marks are your store number.
Speaking of store number – it will be in the order of when i receive the application. ** unless your store is not ready in time,* So get your application in as quickly as possible. I will not hear complaints on where you are at in the hunt. This hunt will be a bigger success than the last one.
**** On November 1st, 2012 i will start going through each store in groups of 10 stores a day to make sure you are ready to go for the hunt. Sign is out, hunt item is ready to go. It doesnt have to be set for sale at 0 L at that time but everything has to be ready to go. You will be notified in advance when i am doing your store. If you are not ready to go when your store is checked and you are not online when i do your store, You WILL BE DROPPED from the hunt. ****
On November 14th, when the hunt starts all stores will be ready to go, if you are not ready, you will be dropped from the hunt. Too many complaints last year of stores that werent ready to go and stores that never got ready.
Special arrangements will be approved by only me – BellaRenee Sweetwater, this hunt will be better, more fun and more exciting than last year and better than any hunt in SL.
So here we go.
Applications must be submitted no later than October 15th,  2012, 12 am SLT. One month prior to the start of the hunt.
Please copy and paste the following information into a -NEW- note card.
Rename the new note card as – Twilight Saga Hunt – Your Store Name
Twilight Saga Hunt 2
Applicant Full SL Name:
Additional Contact Name (manager or other):
Store Name:
Store Landmark (please drag LM and put it here):
Type of Store (products you sell):
What is your prize? (if decided)
Prize Picture – Required –
Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline has passed will NOT be accepted.
Applications must be submitted no later than October 15th,  2012, 12 am SLT. One month prior to the start of the hunt.
Send your completed application to : BellaRenee Sweetwater
Thank you

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