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This Ain’t No Pot of Gold Hunt

When: March 7 – 21, 2012

Applications due: March 1

Starting location: Sweet Seduction

Hunt organizer: Shelby Rhapsody

Note from organizer:So Act Fast And Get In On The St. Patty’s Day Fun!! Please Complete The Application In Its Entirety And Return It To The Hunt Mailbox In The Store, Or To Shelby Rhapsody

Thank You For Your Interest In And Supporting
Sweet Surprizies

Application Deadline is March 1st

Shelby Rhapsody

Space Is Limited To 50 Vendors, So Act Fast!



Rating of your Sim (G | M | A):


Type of Store:(what do you sell?) Clothing, Shoes, Boots, Gowns, Formal, Wedding, etc.

Your Prize Idea:

Are you looking to be a sponsor ? (Y/N)

Please Read The Notecard Below For Spnosrship Benefits

If You Need More Space To Rename This Notecard Just Remove The No Pot Of Gold And Name The Notecard As Shown Below

NPOG App (Store Name) (Your Name)

Return This Completed Notecard To
Shelby Rhapsody or Drop It In The Hunt Mailbox At The Sweet Seduction Store

If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Hunt Feel Free To Send Me A Message. (Notecard is best as messages sometimes get capped)
sponsor info
By Becoming A Sponsor Your Sponsorship Package Will Include…

1. You Will Be Placed In The Top 2-15 Spots Which Will Be Assigned On A First Come First Serve Basis

2. Notice Postings In The Group For Any Specials, Sales, Gifts, Or Promotions You My Be Running During The Hunt (3 a day limit)

3. Your Store Logo Featured On Our Blogspot Page With A Link To Your Inworld URL or Marketplace Link

4. Post Your Hunt Item Picture With Your Ad

5. Any Promotion/s/ You Are Or Are Planning To Run During The Hunt Will Be Published On Our Blogspot Along With Your Ad. (no more than 2)

Sponsorship Per Hunt $250L
Sponsorship Per 3 Hunts $600L
(a $150L savings)

If You Have Any Questions Or Ideas Please Address Them To Shelby Rhapsody

Thanks For Supporting Sweet Surprizies Hunts

Happy Hunting
Shelby Rhapsody


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