The 3rd Crazy Hair hunt

When: March 31 – April 30 2012

Starting location:U-Neek

Hunt organizer:Treebee Withnail

Group:Crazy Hair Hunt Group


Note from organizer:The hunt will have a maximum of 80 shops, so limited places available, and will be circular, as well as have a notecard with all shops landmarks and clues.
Nothing will be hid in walls, under floors or more than 20m from landing point.
We want you to have fun, not pull your hair out, even though we will supply you with more!

This hunts theme is flora and fauna, so think animals and flowers/plants in a hair/ on a hair/ AS a hair! There may even be beasties in there too!

Big Purple Love
Treebee Withnail! (The u-neek)

I do hope you will come play with us!

Vendor Info: The hunt designers are invite only this time……….However suggestions/applications can be sent on a notecard  to Treebee Withnail’ who will verify their shop, sence of humour, creativity and suitability.
Non hairmakers can be part of the hunt, as some of thier wild ideas, in last 2 hunts, put us hairmakers to shame!

About 2WAT

Co-Owner of Michigans Shack - http://michigansshack.com/ Co-Owner of The Cookie Jar - http://thecookiejarcommunity.wordpress.com/ Chief Blogger of SLHunts - https://slhunts.wordpress.com/

3 comments on “The 3rd Crazy Hair hunt

  1. […] Crazy Hair Hunt 3 started on saturday and I spent all day running around grid grabbing all the awesome hairs, the HUnt involved over 60 locations and a lot more gifts, after all the hunting and a good help from my friend Sonya over at Astalianda, she´s a confirmed Twisted Hunter and a lot better than me at this. […]

  2. […] bought a few packs from them when I used to build more, so i was quite excited to see them on The Crazy Hair Hunt, not surprised to be honest, because quite a few of the stores in the hunt where not  all hair […]

  3. […] delicate yes, because despite it´s size it is still delicate, and another one of my favorites from The Crazy Hair Hunt. You will find 2 hunt prizes at this shop, r at least I thought until a little birdie told me on […]

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