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New and Improved!

Hi there, Hunters!

We’ve got a new “missing hunt graphic” for hunts that have no graphics of their own, so now we can bring you more hunts than ever! (see above)

We’ve also created a “group SLurl alt” named “HappyHunters” just for you to send all your SLurls to if you want! Now you don’t have to spam local or any other chat unless you just prefer that. 😉

Here’s the profile uid so you can find it easily! (paste into your SL viewer and press enter, then click the link)

We’re continuing to add information to the other blog pages “Happy Hunters Group,” “Hunt applications,” etc,  so check them out periodically!

Stay Tuned, Holiday Hunts inbound!

Riana Eiren

Questions, comments? Email us at secondlife.hunters@gmail.com


About Riana Eiren

I’m a geeky, disabled knitter who lives in Orlando with my boyfriend and our three cats.

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