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A Humdingers Halloween Hunt

When: October 15 – November 5, 2011

Where: Thumper

Find 17 Pills then follow their directions to find each corresponding ghost

Organizer: Eolene Uralia

Sim Halloween party Oct 29, Noon – 4pm SLT. Really rock this hunt!

It is very simple, you must find the power pills hidden around the sim.  Click the power pill and the pill will tell you which color ghost you must click on.  The ghosts are wandering around the sim.  Find the corresponding ghost and click on him  — and voila, you receive your hunt prize.  THAT SIMPLE!!

17 PILLS with GHOSTS to find.   We hope you join us for the best hunt ever or at least the most fun, it may be a small hunt but it is big.  🙂

An easy clue is when people see a ghost wandering, the pill is within 20 m of the ghosts; the ghosts wander in a 20m radius. Sometimes the ghost hides, but always comes back to around the pill in a minute or two.

2 Yellow ghosts
2 Orange ghosts
1 red
1 Light Blue
1 Dark Blue
1 Pink
1 Brown
1 Black
1 Grey
1 Hot Pink
1 Dark Green
1 Light Green
1 White
1 Purple
1 indigo

The Dingers
Heb Dexler (scripter extraordinaire)
Gfresh Botha (his brain child)
Dingle Doigts (Sim Owner)
Eolene Uralia (creators)
Blueboy Huckleberry (creators)

Item Contributers to the hunt

Cutea Benelli
Gfresh Botha
Scottius Polke
PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic
Jeanette Doobie
Huntress Darkfold
Thumper Boucher
Yohane Rockett
Lakhesis Nikolaidis
Photon Pink
Green Hawks
Eolene Uralia
Blueboy Huckleberry


About Riana Eiren

I’m a geeky, disabled knitter who lives in Orlando with my boyfriend and our three cats.

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