Back in Business!

Thank you so much to most of you for the overwhelming amount of emails of support. Ended up being a problem with my preapproved allowance set at paypal to Lindens.     I hope to have the blog updated and running smoothly very soon and with some newfound help.  <3 Karina

About Karina Larkham

I'm a total hunt-aholic. My favorite part of it is unwrapping all the gifts! I'm thrilled to share my information and finds with everyone!

11 comments on “Back in Business!

  1. I’d love to be able to help out if at all possible. I’m sorry to hear that you are having those difficulties.. LL has been known to be bad about that and I do hope you get it fixed soon. I’m sure the awesome community here will be more than willing to help out right now though. We totally appreciate this blog!

  2. I can help you with that. And if you call billing, they will work with you too.

  3. I would be very happy to help keep it running. I love this blog! I was actually thinking about offering to be an assistant if you needed help.

    Please get in touch with me anytime. I am home a lot (unemployed) so I really can be consistent in my attention to it – daily if need be.


    Rosamoo Mendelsohn in SL (actually the only Rosamoo so far!)

  4. that excuse makes zero sense

    • they dont suspend accounts for cards that “will expire”

      • I updated the information but apparently it was after they had already tried to put a payment though – I had the money in my account it just wasn’t updated for next month and since they were “unable to make recurring payments” I was shut down.

      • I think you’d be surprised at what LL will do if they don’t think or get payment, it’s just one of the reasons I refuse to have a premium account, if there is a billing error then you can have your entire account suspended and it’s not worth the stress.

      • To their credit, billing was very helpful after I contacted them. They walked me step by step through what I needed to update for my account to be reactivated. But why didn’t they do that in the first place though? I don’t have a premium account – but I do have a few sims worth of land so I’m still their beatch. :)

  5. Sorry you are having problems. I work on the SL Answers forum and here is what we usually tell folks with similar problems.

    Answer any email LL sent you about why your account was suspended.

    Contact billing support to ask what they need you to do. https://support.secondlife.com/billing-support/

    It seems like fixing your info on Paypal — even making your purchases to to a bank account if you don’t have a new credit card number. — would be an obvious first step. If you credit card simply needs a new expiration date, that is a simple fix (hopefully :D)

    From comments on the board, suspensions are usually not long term. If you get Paypal worked out and then call billing and tell them that is working again, it is likely you will be reinstated.

    Good luck.

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