LA Flat In Store Hunt

When:  August 15 – September 15, 2011

Hunt Organizers:  Page Eames/Posie Cheng

Hunt Object:  10 pillows

Location:  LA Flat

Note:  This is not a freebie hunt, each hunt item is 10L

About Karina Larkham

I'm a total hunt-aholic. My favorite part of it is unwrapping all the gifts! I'm thrilled to share my information and finds with everyone!

2 comments on “LA Flat In Store Hunt

  1. 10l per hunt = LAME

    fuking sl noobs i swear

    get with what its about, and thats not to make linden you bums

    your giving all hunts a bad name when you do this crap

  2. I am an active hunter and a vendor as well. The only person getting a bad name is Mandrake.

    First of all your language is inexcusable in a public forum.

    Secondly, anyone can run a hunt as they see fit.

    Third, hunts are not just a freebie free-for-all for total cheapskates (like you appear to be).They are generally intended to increase traffic, encourage hunters to see what the shop has to offer (and they might like to buy), give patrons an opportunity to “sample the wares” and assess quality.

    Fourth is that any build costs L$ to the builder – for textures, sculpties, scripts, etc. – not to mention their time.

    Fifth is the 10L$ is about 4 cents US!

    Sixth maybe you are really too broke to be able to afford 4cents (though how are you affording internet connection might be a legitimate question if you are that hard up), in which case just don’t do the hunt.

    Personally, I do the hunts for the fun of finding the little icons. I think of it like a puzzle. If it is badly organized, I simply stop participating. If it costs L$, I look at the gift and decide if the cost is worth it to ME. I have done 10L$ hunts and been happy; I have decided not to do 0L$ hunts because the theme or the shop did not appeal to me.

    One of the things that makes hunts unpleasant is ungrateful, self-entitled, spoiled, rude and offensive hunters. I suggest you spend a bit of your energy to develop some character. Good manners are expected in SL just as they are in the other parts of life.

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