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]H[Nishi Taboo Tiger Sim-wide Hunt

When:  July 15 – August 31, 2011

Hunt Organizer: Xia Nishi

Location: ]H[Nishi 

豪 Clues:

1. This throne room is pumping out the red stuff in the Dungeon.

2. A tiger is crouching down in the center of the Garden Maze.

3. Graves is hiding a tiger in the Mall.

4. Do tigers swim? This one is at the Beach.

5. This tiger is getting a check-up in the Dungeon.

6. I didn’t know that tigers could play the piano! (in .: the Village :. Pub)

7. Smart tigers join the group! (Dungeon Level)

8. =BoS= is hosting this tiger. (Upper Mall Deck)

9. An espresso, a scone, and… a tiger! Grab a cup of joe at the cafe’.

10. This tiger must be a hardened criminal to be at the prison gates.

11. Find this tiger in the Libertine store along the Village street. (not the one in the mall)

12. Go downstream along the Cloudville River and you’ll find a tiger hiding under the last bridge.

13. A tiger in the jungle… who woulda thought? (Dungeon Level)

14. Sit, relax, have a cup of tea, and a tiger. (Find the Teahouse).

15. The gazebo has a dance floor and the dance floor has a tiger.

16. Stroll the Village street until you get to Evolving Pixels and there you will find a tiger.

17. Find the Mechanica Room in the Dungeon to find the final tiger.


About Karina Larkham

I'm a total hunt-aholic. My favorite part of it is unwrapping all the gifts! I'm thrilled to share my information and finds with everyone!

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