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Otsukimi Hunt

When: September 18 – 26, 2010

Locations: Roman & Taisyo sims

Number of “wafun”: 17


1.Find mini wafun object, that mini wafun hides in  Roman & taisyo sim.
Maybe you get sample mini wafun at sim entrance.

2.mini wafun has a number. it is 1 to 17.

3.Some mini wafun have quiz notecoard and gift.  That gift is special prize from many shop in Roman sim.

4.if you catch all 17 mini wafun, read quiz notecards and make answer.

5.And go a shinto shrine in Taisyo sim.

6.let’s say you answer. (in english or japanese)

7.If that words is true, Big Wafun appears and present to good tasty Odango and special prize for you.

Prize Pics: http://sl-schnaeppchen.blogspot.com/2010/09/otsukimi-hunt-until.html


About Katarina Edelman

I've been an SL resident since December 2006. One of my favorite activities in SL is scavenger hunting. I love discovering new places through the hunts and seeing their creations.

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