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Nature’s Hunt – Miracles of Autumn

When: September 15 – October 15, 2010

Starting location: Pirate’s Boulevard

Hunt object: Snails

Number of locations: 101

Blog: http://www.firebeach.org/index.php/blogs/blogsjes

Hints: http://www.firebeach.org/index.php/blogs/blogsjes/8-official-hintlist

Group: Nature’s Hunt Hunters Group

Hunter info:

Walking in the forest when its Autumn gives us that Magical Feeling. All the beautiful colors that Nature brings us. We get swept away in the beauty of it. Magical and mysterious. Making fantasies come true, thats what this hunt is about. You will find anything that will tickle your fantasy and show you the beauty of Autumn, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year!

The Nature’s Hunt is proud to present Miracles of Autumn, a Fantasy Themed hunt that will take you to sims and places that offer you where you can experience the mgaical feeling of autumn and your fantasy be free of boundaries in SL!

A great hunt where you get to see sims with great Nature sites, items and shops!

The hunt will be taking place from 15th September – 15th October 2010

Hunters, join the Nature’s Hunt Hunters Group by clicking the sign and get the latest updates and hints in this unique hunt.
It is free to join and you can use the group chat to get help during the hunt.  If you cant join the group you can still do the hunt 🙂

Why participate in this hunt? That’s easy, it’s fun and you get to see new and wonderful shops and sims all in the Nature’s theme.  You will come across some amazing sims that you may have not been aware off.  Most of all, you will find some fabulous gifts, from our very talented and amazing creators here in SL.

Find all the snails and collect your amazing gifts,  make sure you get them all!
Explore the participating sims and let yourself be swept of your feet by all the beauty Nature brings.

Some important rules for this hunt:
1.  This is meant to be fun and a hunt, so please no yelling out locations of hunt items in local.  Stick to your IM’s for helping out your friends or fellow hunters.
2.  We have wonderful creators who have spent alot of time on these gifts for you, so please be respectful and do NOT bother them on where the item is or hassle them in any way. Find help in group chat or check out the hintlist.
3.  In group chat, do not blurt out where things are located.  Helping each other is some of the fun of these hunts, so remember to give out hints only in chat.
4.  Do not give out cheat sheets.  Creators will change the location of the hunt items when they learn of them and for some creators, they do enjoy changing the locations anyways, so the cheat sheets do tend to be useless.
5.  Remember to always give yourself more than enough time to rezz.  Some places can take up to a few minutes before you can see clearly enough to really look for the item.
6.  When hunting, please be respectful to each other, we want everyone to enjoy themselves on this hunt.
7.  Do not just walk into a shop, glance and then ask for help immediately, this is a hunt so please put in an effort to find the object.
8.  This is a hunt blog where pictures and hints will be posted: http://www.firebeach.org/index.php/blogs/blogsjes

Startpoint; Pirate’s Boulevard, Fire Sim

SLURL: //slurl.com/secondlife/Fire/198/3/23

Happy hunting!!!


About Katarina Edelman

I've been an SL resident since December 2006. One of my favorite activities in SL is scavenger hunting. I love discovering new places through the hunts and seeing their creations.

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