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The Heat Wave Hunt


Presented by: Alexohol Fashions & Insatiable Fashions

When: Jan. 15 – Feb. 15, 2010

Number of yellow suns: 52

Starting location: Alexohol Fashions

Blog: The Heat Wave Hunt Blog

Group: Heat Wave Hunt

Prize Pics:


Hunter Info:

General Guidelines for the hunt:
1. Any broken links or work arounds will be posted via a NOTICE in the Heat Wave Hunt group (Search The Heat Wave Hunt; group key 07c7bdbc-355b-76d7-a4b8-de6e6c22f30f) as well as on the official hunt blog:

2. When hunting, please remove any unnecessary prims and huds as to reduce lag.

3. Please wait for a store to rez. The Items are sculpted, and as such, may take a while to rez.

4. Do NOT IM designers/store owners for the location of the hunt items. Please use group chat or send a notecard to one of the organizers should you be unable to find an object after an extended length of time.

5. Hunt items should be for sale for 0L. If you come across one that is not priced as such, please let one of the organizers know asap!

6. Please do not shout the location of a hunt item. If you are hunting with a friend, please IM them.

7. Please be courteous to other hunters, the organizers, and the wonderful designers who are bringing you theese awesome gifts. Any conflicts will be addressed by one of the hunt organizers.

8. Make sure to thank the designers should you see them!

9. Have fun!

Thank you for participating in the hunt! We hope you enjoy it!

Please address any issues to one of the hunt organizers via notecard

Enjoy the hunt!

The Heat Wave Hunt Organizers

AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell
Alexohol Fashions Owners

AliannaMarie GossipGirl
Insatiable Fashions Owner


About Katarina Edelman

I've been an SL resident since December 2006. One of my favorite activities in SL is scavenger hunting. I love discovering new places through the hunts and seeing their creations.

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