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What’s Happening Now

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending. Click the hunt name  for more info. ******************************************************************* Hunts Beginning 7/19 – 7/26 Battle of the Sexes for Him – 7/21 – 8/21 Battle of the Sexes Hunt 2 for Ladies – 7/21 – 8/21 Hunts Ending 7/5 – 7/19 A Midsummer Night’s Dream 5 – 6/21 – 7/21 […]

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End of the month Hunt Update!

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending. Click the blog links (or slurl)  for more info. ******************************************************************* Hunts beginning 3/29 – 4/5 Gridwide Hunts The Sinister Goth Hunt – Vanity – 4/1 – 4/30 Easter Designers Hunt – 4/1 – 5/1 Look for Easter Eggs for 0L – 10 from each […]

Hunt Update!

We have posted loads of hunts this weekend, so don’t forget to scroll down Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending. Click the blog links (or slurl)  for more info. ******************************************************************* Hunts beginning 3/22 – 3/31 Medieval Fantasy Fair (includes sim hunt) 3/22 – 3/30 Cae.B;s Annual Easter Egg Hunt 3/22 […]

Whats happening NOW!

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending. Click the blog links for more info. ******************************************************************* Hunts just started: World Tour Hunt – Hugs & Kisses Hunt – Rose Princess hunt – ******************************************************************* Hunts ending 2/23 Bag It! Pack It! Clutch It! - Hunts ending 2/28 Tainted Love Hunt – At the […]

Seraphim & SLHunts, A Perfect Combination

Seraphim & SLHunts, A Perfect Combination

Seraphim & SLHunts are proud to announce our collaboration, The Premier Second Life Event & Sales blog and the most popular Second Life Hunts blog have joined forces to become “Sister Sites”! What does this mean? Well it means you, our loyal readers can find all the news on all the sales, events & hunts […]

Hunt Insider – Become an SL Hunts Reporter

Beginning January 2014 This is a perfect opportunity to bring a new vision into the SLHunts Community. YOU will be featured on our blog! Bringing honest opinions from the average hunter on SL! For more information visit our in-world Hunt Centre and touch the Info Board SLHunts Resource Centre

SL Hunts Group!

Just a reminder we have an in-world group where notices are sent regular with up to date info on.. New Hunts Released Hunts Taking Applications Hunts Beginning and Ending plus much more. Click HERE — >> SL HUNTS GROUP To Join as a Hunt Organiser Click Here —>> Group Application


  Are you a store owner who wants to be kept informed of all the latest hunts to enter your store into, or maybe a hunt organizer who wants to have one place to advertise your hunt to people who are interested in taking part, or a hunter who wants to know about all the […]

Happy Holidays

Wherever you are in the wold and however you choose to celebrate we wish you a Very Happy Holiday!

31 Posts Today = You are up to date! :-)

  Hiyahs, sorry the blog was a little quiet during the week, I have had a LOT on the go RL & SL :-) But it’s all good, 31 New hunts have been posted today so you are completely up to date on the hunt scence! Just make sure you scroll down enough to see […]

Lots to catch up on!

Lots to catch up on!

23 Posts in a DAY! haha…. Yeps, there’s been a lot to catch up on, but your all up to date now :) Just remember your gonna have to scroll down, & more & more & more again to see all the new content… Huge TY to Angelfire,Ti’chelle and Jiovi behind the scenes, not necessarily seen […]

Improvements based on YOUR comments!

We believe SL Hunts is Your Blog Too… without people visiting to use it, it would not exist…. Soooo you may remember a little while back we asked what you would like to see, what would make the blog better, do you have any comments… We had a lot of responses, thank you all, here are […]

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Without you the users of this blog it wouldn’t exist, we thought we would give you all a chance to get some exposure from it as a way of saying thanks for your support! So if you own an SL business or SL related blog or website & want your logo featured on our sidebar […]


  SL HUNTS HITS HUGE LANDMARK OF 2 MILLION VIEWS! A Huge Thank You to the SL community for your support & continued use of the blog! It is only through people visiting us that we are encouraged to carry on! You are the reason this blog has been kept running & maintained so again […]

SLHunts is YOUR blog too!

Soooo we are changing some things up a little, tidying the old stuffs & making some improvements…. Without you, it wouldn’t exist, so we want to ask for feedback. Is there anything you would like to see? Anything you don’t like ? Anything you would change if you could? Simply drop us a quick line […]

SL Hunts on Plurk!

Hey Hey Hey :-) sooooo I decided to add SL Hunts to Plurk! I will be posting all the new hunt info there too if you would like to follow your more than welcome to friend me or become a fan! Don’t Forget you can already follow us on wordpress, facebook & twitter too! just […]

Free Exclusive Gift at The Hunters Resource Centre

Sooo My sweeet Sister Jiovi Michigan has made you all a gorgeous sofa to go in the Hunters Resource Centre, so you can take it easy with a cup of coffee while you check out all the hunt boards… Awww ain’t she a sweetheart?…. Well yeah, she is, because then she set it out as […]

16 posts in a day!

soooo im back haha… sorry for the eccessive posts today, i guess we have had a lot submitted over the weekend & I wanted to keep you all as up to date as you can be :-) there has been sooo many added even the ones from earlier today have been pushed so far down […]

Hunt & Hunters Resource Centre

As it is midway through the month i thought i’d remind you about our Hunt & Hunters Resource Centre, an in-world location with all the latest hunt boards rezzed, you can see whats just started, whats due to end & click future hunts to get applications or hunters info, check it out


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