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The Mystery Cupcake Grid Wide Hunt

One of my favorite things about SL hunting is finding out about new shops and designers. I would never get to know most of these designers’ creations if I were just roaming around SL on my own. The hunts give me a chance to see their location, their posters, and then try out a sample […]

Vinyl Cafe Addicts Treasure Hunt

Absolutely amazing shoes to be found on the Vinyl Cafe Addicts hunt. Getting the gorgeous freebies makes you want to go back and pick them up in other shades! When: From April 27, 2009 and running for about 10 days Number of treasure chests: 10 Location: Vinyl Cafe and The Dominion Links: Vinyl Cafe Addicts […]

April Top Designers Hunt

This hunt’s only got a few days left on it, but it’s not linear, so you can choose the designers you like best, or you have the ability to move on if you can’t find one. Check below for a list of designers and SLurls, as well as a fab prize pic. Presented by: Fierce […]

Bloody Mess Treasure Hunt

You’ll spot these objects by the pool of blood they’re lying in… Be warned that you may encounter dismembered avs and other blood-thirsty torture objects. All part of the fun, as far as I’m concerned. You’ll need to search the entire sim, though, so don’t think this is going to be a quickie. However, by […]

Scarlet Letter Hunt

When: April 18 – May 18, 2009 Number of A’s: 105 Links: Scarlet Letter Hunt Blog – has been removed Starting Point at S&S Stuff & Photography (SLurl) Group: The Scarlet Letter Grid-wide Hunt

SD Skins Mini-hunt

SD Skins has two itty-bitty boxes hidden in their store for today and tomorrow only – so hurry over! When: April 25-26, 2009 Number of boxes: 2 Location: SD Skins Prize Pics:

Rotten Egg Hunt – extended one week!

If you missed the deadline on this hunt because you got distracted by all the grid-wides, now’s your chance to hit it up. You still have until Sunday, April 26th to scour the Car Wash and Hell Bop sims for “rotten eggs.” That’s right – these are not the  translucent pastel, cute and cuddly eggs […]

Spring is in the Air Grid-wide

There’s only one week left to grab your eggs on this egg hunt sponsored by AmberMyst Botanical Designs. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the 1000+ eggs on the Great Grid-wide, this may be more your style. 107 total eggs at some of my favorite shops in SL: Hopscotch, Earth Jewel, Secrets of Gaia, Trixxy’s, […]

Peeps Hunt at Kalloni

Kalloni Mall has a sim-wide hunt for little purple peeps bunnies. They’re so realistic they made me go out and buy a package of the sugary guys. :) Once you’ve taken care of the peeps craving, head over to Kalloni Mall and start hunting! This one has a little twist: each bunny contains a puzzle […]

Condom Quest 2009

This weekend only, Sn@tch City and Pulse are hosting a hunt for STD Awareness Month. Little colored condoms can be found lying about all over the place, both inside and outside. Most of the condoms are lying on the ground, but I found a few on walls or ledges as well. Be aware: Not all […]

Heavenly Treasures Store Hunt

In addition to participating in three of the huge grid-wide hunts going on, Heavenly Treasures has also put out 10 of its own little Easter eggs for hunters. You’ll have to look hard for them though! When: March 15 – April 19, 2009 Number of eggs: 10 + 3 from other hunts Location: Heavenly Treasures […]

The Gone Fishing Hunt

This is not the most exciting SL hunt I’ve ever been on, but at least it’s different from all the rest. In order to find the prizes, you’ll need to stand at the water’s edge and throw a few casts. I got my first prize after 3 throws, but didn’t have as much luck at […]

Official Linden BunnyJam Egg Hunt

The Lindens have caught the egg hunt flu and are hosting their own hunt this week! The eggs used will be the winners of the egg decorating contest which ended on Friday. When: April 15-17, 2009 Number of eggs: Over 500 Location: All over SL Links: BunnyJam Website Added Twists: Each resident only gets one […]

Bunny Hop Hunt

Only one week left for this amazing hunt! Presented by: Cutey Magic When: March 27 – April 19, 2009 Number of eggs: 308 found at 300 locations

The Great Grid-wide Easter Egg Hunt (3rd annual)

This was the first grid-wide hunt I ever participated in back in 2007 and became addicted! Besides the sheer number of participating locations, the coolest thing about this hunt is that your finds are tracked on the hunt’s website! Just type in your avi name and it will list all the eggs you’ve found and […]


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